The founder's word

Construction is the art of creation! Architectural monuments that create the history of the city, the country, the people and the nation.

The MunayKyrylysServis company, working on the next project, aspires to create something surprising, aesthetically beautiful and reliable for the residents of the city of Shymkent and the region. Each building, built by our cohesive team, is a harmonious composition, combining art, beauty and modernity.

The MunayKyrylysServis LLP is in the market of South Kazakhstan region for more than 16 years, and over the years, many projects have been implemented by the company. The largest of these is the construction of Standard Cement plant and RIXOS Khadisha Shymkent five-star hotel ".

Standard Cement LLP cement plant is the calling card of the MunayKyrylysServis company. Started in 2007 and successfully implemented, despite the difficulties of the global financial crisis, the Standard Cement plant today is the embodiment of quality and thoughtfulness of every detail. The Standard Cement plant uses an innovative dry method of cement production, developed by scientists of the Tianjin Research Institute of the cement industry. In 2016, the construction of the second stage of the plant and the commissioning of the high-quality and oil well cement line were completed. 

Пятизвездочный отель «RIXOS Khadisha Shymkent» является одним из самых амбициозных проектов города Шымкент. ТОО «МұнайҚұрылысСервис», в качестве генерального подрядчика обеспечило исполнение проекта на 100% под ключ, начиная со строительства фундамента и заканчивая мельчайшими элементами дизайна и интерьера. The RIXOS Khadisha Shymkent five-star hotel is one of the most ambitious projects of the city of Shymkent. MunayKyrylysServis LLP, as a general contractor, ensured the execution of the project on 100% turnkey basis, beginning with the foundation construction and finishing with the smallest elements of design and interior.

The construction of a cement plant and the five-star hotel allowed the company to conclude major international contracts and find reliable partners in Russia, China, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and Singapore.

The company is planning new bright and no less ambitious projects, which, we hope, will necessarily leave their mark on the history of the region and strengthen the status of the megacity of Shymkent.

Seitzhanov Serikzhan

podpis boss