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Professional team - the key to the success of each construction company

For the success of each project of MunayKyrylysServis LLP there is a multitude of thousands of professionals who have been formed for years in a single effort to achieve the highest quality of construction.

The applied quality management system promotes efficient and rational management of production, technical, commercial and construction activities.

The company employs more than 2000 highly qualified specialists. The majority of workers are concrete workers, stutterers, installers, welders and other specialists. Working groups directly carrying out project work are the main driving force of our activities.

Administrative and management personnel and engineering staff are regularly trained in advanced training courses.

The presence of the accounting and economic department allows you to analyze, produce various economic calculations of the company, participate in tenders for the right to conclude construction contracts and other works for city structures or large companies.

The main task of the technical engineering department is to coordinate the execution of design works, supply and complete set, the coordination of projects and the commissioning of the completed facilities. The Specialized Subsidiary Office is engaged in drafting and supporting contracts, drawing up estimates, technical support, and legal support for ongoing work.

A highly qualified team of specialists of our company performs construction, installation and repair works in a timely and qualitative manner. Civil, concrete, installation and welding works of any complexity are made by experienced personnel on modern equipment and machinery of the company. Compliance with safety procedures ensures the preservation in good condition of machinery, drivers and operators.

The specialists of the company guarantee the quality and observance of all technological standards at all stages of construction - from the moment of preparation of the construction site until completion. Quality control is conducted in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards (GOST, SNIP).