Production base

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The MunayKyrylysServis company has a multifunctional production base, which is the assignee of the Installation Works Administration Base of the KazSSR Automotive Plant. The structure also includes a technical base for maintenance and repair of rolling stock.
The production base is located on the territory of the land plot of 4.36 hectares. The building of the base together with all necessary working premises occupies a total area of 10 000 sq.m. This includes such buildings as:

  1. Administrative office;
  2. Dispatching office;
  3. Warehouses for storage of building materials and tools;
  4. Gas station;
  5. Car wash;
  6. Carpentry shop for wood processing.

For self-maintenance and repair, the base is equipped with a workshop for the repair of fuel equipment, as well as engine, aggregate, turning and welding workshops.

In the territory are located vulcanization, insulated repair shop for 6 posts with inspection pits, equipped with the necessary stands, devices and lifting mechanisms. There is also a workshop for repair and maintenance of small-scale mechanization. The MunayKyrylysServis company also has a large fleet of machinery and its own production of concrete.